Brolsma Newsletter

no. 3, January 1999

Genealogy is very popular nowadays and the Interet and e-mail play a vital role in this respect. These techniques make it rather easy to get in touch with interested people from all over the world. The Brolsma website (which can be found at www.pronouncement.com/brolsma) gave cause to new contacts, that resulted in new facts and figures concerning the family. As far as I am concerned, additions are always welcome, via Internet or via the good old mailman.

The availability of e-mail made it at least one time possible to arrange a meeting between two Brolsmas, who did not meet so far. During 1998 Kevin (200) had to go to Thailand for business. With help of the electronic mail he arranged a meeting with Albert (187), who has lived and worked in Thailand for many years.

More e-mail assisted meetings are to be expected, who knows. In this and previous newsletters and on the website you will find a number of e-mail addresses. The website includes only the adresses of those who choose to be recorded. Everyone is invited to leave his or her address on the website to encourage contacts between the Brolsmas.

Orange City

In 1869, Gosse (50), called George in the U.S., traveled with his wife and baby by covered wagon to Orange City, a city founded by Dutch settlers in the state of Iowa. The index of the West Lawn Cemetry in Orange City records the actual date of death of George Sr.: December 23, 1919. The Brolsma-book only recoreded the year, now we known the date too.

The book "The Story of Sioux County" contains a photo showing an "Early street scene in Orange City. The man with the peddle wagon is George Brolsma with Prince and Charlie, the team which he drove from Pella to Sioux County". The wagon of George was obviously moved by the horses Prince and Charlie. The book continues at another page "At the time the peddler’s wagon was still an event and once a week Brolsma would drive up and display his wares taking butter and eggs in exchange for what he sold. Knowing the food to be excellent and trusting Mrs. Vos’ generous heart, he always arranged to call at the farm around noon so that he would be invited to take his dinner there".

The index of the West Lawn Cemetry also recoreds the death of Cora (= Jacoba) Brolsma, second wife of John H. (= Johannes Hendrik) in Orange City in the year 1960.

The one who send me these data (by e-mail) remembered that, in her childhood, she walked in the parade of the Orange City Tulip Festival. She was lucky not to have to walk on wooden shoes, but the band of Orange City had to march on wooden shoes.

Alvin Lloyd

Alvin Lloyd (151) was the youngest child of John and Cora, mentioned above. I received additional data from Erik Jan. Alvin Lloyd and his wife Henrietta Kroeze had seven children:

  1. Alvin Lloyd Jr., born 1949, has a daughter Shayne; she is adopted is is called Myers now
  2. Coe Marie, born 1951, married to William W. Dobbs; she is mother of three children: Daniel (1979), Dennis (1981) and Dena (1987)
  3. Robert John (Bob), born 1952 and living in Rialto, California
  4. Brian Lee, 1955 - September 4, 1990; worked in a hospital in Apple Valley
  5. Lori Kay, born 1959, married to and divorced from Steve B. Miller; Lori has two children, called Micah, born 1987, and Shelby, born 1992
  6. Erik Jan, born 1967, married March 1994 to Jodi S. Wakefield; daughter Brianne was born in 1997; they live in Loveland, Colorado
  7. Dirk Adrian, born 1971, lives in Chino, California

New Jersey

Ted Brolsma from Clifton in the state of New Jersey sent me a letter concerning his branch of the family. Orrie Nicholas, born June 15, 1923, seventh and youngest child of Sijbren Brolsma (60) married on June 23, 1954 to Frances Van Dyke. The couple, that lives in Garfield, New Jersey, had three children:

  1. William Dennis, born April 14, 1960; married August 25, 1983 to Susan Telkens and his one child: William Dennis, born January 14, 1986; William and Susan live in Saddle Brook, New Jersey
  2. Timothy Wayne, born May 20, 1961, married to Dawn Thompson on May 5, 1984 and live in Garfield, New Jersey with their children Thimothy Wayne Jr., born December 29, 1987 and Heidi Loie, born September 14, 1994
  3. Theodore (Ted), born February 17, 1963; Ted married to Kathy Belanger on October 11, 1986 and lives in Clifton, New Jersey


Aaltje Tromp-Brolsma (103), born March 28, 1939, deceased on February 18, in Stiens Friesland.


Born on the last day of the year 1997: Jordan Alex Brolsma, son of Wayne Brolsma (see 178) and Frances Koens. Wayne and Frances, who live in Armadale in Australia, already had a daughter Leanne Jayde in 1995.

Born on the 12th of September 1998 in Haarlem, the Netherlands: Matijn Geert Pieter Brolsma, son of Roelof Jan Brolsma (194) and Pietronella Roomer.


Glen Brolsma, son of Simon Brolsma (180) married on the 28th of February 1998 to Samantha Margaret Postmus. Glen and Samantha live in Kelmscott, West Australia.

Mark Anthony Pleiter, second son of Anna Rose Pleiter-Brolsma (181) married on April 11, 1998 to Jillian Harrison. Jilly comes from Eastham Wiral in the United Kingdom and graduated in remedial massage therapy and aromatherapy and reflexology.


In this newsletter I refer several times to numbers of biographies in the book "Brolsma 1620-1996". Those who do not possess this reference book and want to have a copy, are invited to contact me. It is also possible to ask for an adress-list of all Brolsmas in the Netherlands, the U.S.A. and Australia.

My adress is: Roodenburgerstraat 58, 2313 HL Leiden, the Netherlands. An e-mail is also possible: j.u.brolsma@avv.rws.minvenw.nl